Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem

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Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem

The Yemin Moshe neighborhood is the first neighborhood that was constructed outside the Old City walls of Jerusalem. It is well known for its magnificent alleys, windmill, vibrant music, culture and majestic views. The name of the village literally means “Moses Memorial” or “The Right Hand of Moses” after Moshe Montefiore who built the neighborhood in 1891.  It is the oldest of the neighborhoods in Jerusalem and is absolutely one of the most stunning and unique with its white Jerusalem-stone construction.

The Yemin Moshe neighborhood was originally intended to resolve the unsanitary conditions and overcrowding in the old city. At first, some were hesitant to live in the village so the first houses were constructed with high gates and walls that are typically locked during night time and protect against crime.

Among the first group of houses that were built is now known as the “Mishkenot Shaananim”. These were the first properties established by Jews outside the Old City walls. Over time, the neighborhood expanded significantly and is today one of the most expensive and luxurious neighborhoods in all of Israel. It  houses the notable structure called the Montefiore Windmill which was built to provide people with flower and work. Yemin Moshe streets serve as a great place to stroll, shop, dine and explore.

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