Malcha Mall, Jerusalem

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Malcha Mall, Jerusalem

The Malcha Mall opened in the year 1993 ans was the largest mall in the Middle East. It was built along with the Teddy Soccer Stadium and Malcha Technological Park. The purpose of having this built in the area is to wake brighten up the sleepy portion of Jerusalem and to make the city the hub for suburban neighborhoods.

The Malcha mall is the largest shopping center in Jerusalem and by far, the most popular to locals and tourists. It is owned by the Azrieli Group and houses gigantic food court, famous stores like Mango, Zara and H&M and many others. It is also home to Office and Home Depot, Super Pharm, Mega Supermarket as well as Toys R Us. Essentially, you will find everything that you need and want in one shopping center.

The Malcha Mall spans over 37,000 square meters and includes an additional 3,000 square meters of offices. There are about 260 establishments that operate in the shopping center which include shops for electronics, cosmetics, eye wear, footwear, salons, banks and a lot more. 

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