I Love Jerusalem

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I Love Jerusalem

I Love Jerusalem

We believe that peace starts with finding freedom within and help infusing it to the surrounding area

We believe that by creating a supporting community of likewise people a shift can happen

We believe that the city of Jerusalem in the heart of many of us can have the seed for peace

Sites in the video:

Jerusalem Old City, Jewish Quarter, Muslim Quarter, Christian Quarter, Holy Sepulchre Church, Dome of the Rock, Western Wall (The Kotel), Garden Tomb, Chords Bridge, Damscus Gate, Jaffa Gate, Western Wall Tunnels, Old City Market, Jaffa Street, Zion Square, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mamilla, Malcha Mall, Mahane Yehuda Market, Yemin Moshe neighborhood.


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I love Jerusalem. I cannot leave it or forget it. Jerusalem is one of the most venerated cities in the world.Jerusalem's shifting moods, varying colors and profound religious and historical significance makes people of all faiths long for this great city. It is a unique city of spiritual beauty, crystallized in stone and history. The silent monuments tell the story of great and golden history of human civilization. Many people love it for many reasons. Jews love and revere it for the Wailing Wall, Christians for Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and Muslims for ascending place from where Muhammad made his journey to heaven.

Jerusalem is also called the city Wall.A magnificent wall erected by Sultan Suleiman within  1535 to 38 A.D.The wall is pierced by eight gates – seven are open, and one is closed.

I love Jerusalem for its unique spiritual atmosphere. Church of the Holy Sepulchre  has been preserving the most holy moments of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, this church is the world’s holiest shrine to Christians. Garden of Gethsemane is located at the foot of the Mt. of Olives, the Church of All Nations was originally built by the Byzantines in 379 . 

The Dome of the Rock with its magnificent golden dome is the most famous building contained in the El-Haram esh-Sharif or Noble Sanctuary of the old city of Jerusalem. Al-Aqsa Mosque   or the Distant Mosque originally built between 709-715 AD by Caliph Waleed Ben Abdul Malik, al-Aqsa was reconstructed at least six times and very little of the original mosque remains in the present structure.

The Garden Tomb is located north the old city’s Damascus Gate, the simplicity, beauty, and peaceful atmosphere of the Garden Tomb makes it a favorite spot for prayer and meditation. 

There are so many  places and sites which attract tourists  such as Tomb of the Lady, Kidron Valley, Bethany , Rockefeller Museum,The Palestine Archeological Museum,  Museum of Islamic Art Orient House, Dominican School for Biblical Research, Tower of David , Dormition Abbey, Forefathers’ dining etc.  I love Jerusalem for its diversified feature.

Layer upon layer of history lie beneath her and  on every level everyone finds the evidence of her long story - Jebusite, Jewish, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Crusader, Turkish. Even above the surface it is there for those who have eyes to see - great Herodian blocks of stone, Byzantine Arches, Hellenic pillars, Arab motifs, Crusader vaults, Jebusite stones, Turkish walls etc,

Jerusalem  cannot be compared with  Paris, London,  Rome , Yew York or any other world center of finance and power. It  has known more devastation than most other cities, both from wars and from earthquakes. In the 2,565 years between 587 BC and AD 1978 she was conquered more than twenty times.

Yet today Jerusalem still stands more or less where she has ever stood. For this I love Jerusalem very much.


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