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Jerusalem Share is intended to allow every person to share his thoughts, opinions or stories. We at believe that due to the multi-colored City of Jerusalem for such various nations, religions and cultures and histories, there are a collection of inspirational opinions, thoughts, philosophies, stories and quotes. The goal of Jerusalem Share is to create a broad virtual community that discusses various topics, accepts one another, supports each other and maybe even will teach each other something. We believe that everyone can take part in this special virtual community by sharing with others or by supporting them. This support can be given by pressing on the designated Amen button that the site suggests, so the more Amens there are, the more we are embracing the words of the writer and allow many others in the world to enjoy different publications. In addition, responses of a few words are possible, or to open a discussion with the writer specifically and the readers in general, and in doing so, taking a larger part in strengthening the City of Jerusalem and the world. Of course there are other additional options available, such as sharing what we or others have written on the website and by doing so, creating greater awareness of inspiring thoughts or interesting articles that others have shared.

Jerusalem Share allows you to write on any subject that comes to mind, and these can be tagged under:

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Any Post shared on “Jerusalem Share” is welcome as long as it is tasteful and not used to offend anyone else. We cannot control what others believe or say but does not accept hateful, racist or offensive remarks of any kind. WE believe in interfaith understanding and promoting peace and good will. We thus reserve the right to delete or reject any Post or comment we deem inappropriate and ask others to bring our attention if such abuse of the “Jerusalem Share” is taking place through the “contact us” found at the bottom of the webpage.