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About Jerusalem Questions

Jerusalem Questions

Jerusalem Questions is meant to provide anyone and everyone with a platform to ask questions about Jerusalem, religions, history, faith and more and receive answers from other people around the world. All questions are welcome and we urge everyone to ask questions about their own faith and the faith of other.

The Jerusalem Questions is divided into 4 categories relating to Jerusalem:

Question & Answers about Jerusalem

Here you can ask any general question you have about Jerusalem from questions such as until when is a certain site in Jerusalem open to? Where is Jerusalem? Where in Jerusalem can I find something etc.

Question & Answers about Judaism

Here you can ask any general question you have about Judaism and the Jewish faith such as what are the Jewish holidays? Why do observing Jews where a skull-cap? When is Shabbat coming in in Jerusalem on a certain day etc.

Question & Answers about Christianity

Here you can ask any general question you have about Christianity such as where was Jesus crucified? What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants? What are Churches, mass or prayer times in Jerusalem etc.

Question & Answers about Islam

Here you can ask any general question you have about Islam such as what is the Ramadan? What is the difference between Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims? What places are holy in Jerusalem for Muslims? Where can I get Halal meat in Jerusalem etc.

Our beliefs

When it comes to religions, there is unfortunately quite a bit of ignorance which often leads to misconceptions and biased negative perceptions of others. We at believe that Jerusalem offers a unique place which is only and part of the founding history of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As such, Jerusalem offers a unique opportunity to learn about these religions, what is important in Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition and what are the stories and beliefs of these religions in Jerusalem.

In the Jerusalem Questions you are welcome to ask the questions you always wanted to know whether about your faith or the faith of others or even just general questions about Jerusalem.

Any question and answer is welcome as long as it is tasteful and not used to offend anyone else. We cannot control what others believe or say but does not accept hateful, racist or offensive remarks of any kind. WE believe in interfaith understanding and promoting peace and good will. We thus reserve the right to delete or reject any comment, question or answer we deem inappropriate and ask others to bring our attention if such abuse of the Jerusalem Questions is taking place throught the “contact us” found at the bottom of the webpage.