West Jerusalem By Night

West Jerusalem By Night

This view point, taken right outside the Old City walls by Jaffa Gate, shows the beginning of the relatively new and modern city of Jerusalem – west Jerusalem. From this vantage point you can see the area of the Mamilla neighborhood. Home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Jerusalem, Mamilla is a prestigious residence project and a vibrant shopping center. On the south-east corner, Mamilla borders with the beautiful neighborhood of Yemin Moshe and the infamous Valley of Hinnom, where pagan human sacrifices were once made. The modern center of town borders Mamilla to the west and north while the Old City lies adjacent to it in the East. As such, Mamilla connects and serves as a passage and transition between the old and the new city of Jerusalem.

Leonardo Plaza

Located at the center of Jerusalem and towering over the Jerusalem skyline, the Leonardo Plaza Hotel is one of the best view-points of the old and new city of Jerusalem. The Hotel stands diagonally across the Terra Sancta College on the junction of Paris Square, and right by the lively neighborhood of Rechavia.

The David Citadel Hotel

Located on King David Street in between the King David Hotel and the Mamilla Hotel, the David Citadel Hotel is a luxurious hotel designed to resemble a Roman theater. The hotel was opened in 1998 and has since gained international recognition and has become an alternative to the King David, Hosting dignitaries such as US president Bill Clinton and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

King David Hotel

Perhaps the most famous of the Jerusalem hotels, the King David Hotel is a five star deluxe hotel and landmark in Jerusalem. The hotel was built in 1931 overlooking Mount Zion and the Old City and has since hosted many dignitaries, heads of state and influential figures from around the globe such as King Hussein of Jordon, King George the 5th, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill and Madonna. The hotel is an inseparable part of the history of Jerusalem and was even bombed by the Jewish militant group “Irgun” in 1946 as it served as the British military headquarters during the British mandate (1920-1948).

Karta Parking

Karta parking is a new and big parking lot situated outside Jaffa Gate. The parking lot had been a point of controversy in 2011 since it operated on the Jewish Sabbath, a fact which brought several hundred ultra-orthodox Jews to protest against the opening of the lot on the Sabbath.

Mamilla Hotel

Opened in 2009, this Mamilla hotel is the newest luxury hotel in Jerusalem. Inside the modern hotel is a popular bar frequented by students, businessmen and guests alike. The hotel was finalized with the completion of the Mamilla shopping center and is also known for its a modern and unique design.

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