Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem

Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem

The Tower of David - a symbol of Jerusalem

The Tower of David is a citadel located by Jaffa Gate - one of  the entrances to Jerusalem’s Old City. The tower of David tells the history of Jerusalem as it was built already in the 2nd Century BC as a fortress of the city and has seen the Roman, Byzantine, Muslim, Crusader, Mamluk and Ottomon ruling periods of Jerusalem. 

While King Hezekiah, might have been the first to fortify the site, the Hasmonean- as per Josephus Flavius- laid down the ‘first wall’ as it was during the 1st century BC that walls and watchtowers were built around the area. 

Herod the Great, following the fall of the Hasmonean dynasty, had three towers built on the Western Hill’s north-west corner, where the Tower of David currently stands. However, today, only one of three towers still stands - Pazael Tower.

During the Ottoman rule of the holy land (16th century to 1922) a mosque and minaret were added a to the structure which became known as the - ‘Tower of David.’

The Tower of David Museum

The Tower of David museum was founded by the Jerusalem Foundation in 1989. It was built inside the citadel to tell the story of the history of Jerusalem through the archaeological findings and exciting exhibitions. 

The courtyard contains 2700 years old archaeological ruins from various periods of Jerusalem's history. With the help of holograms, tapes and maps, the exhibits of the museum portray 4000 years worth of Jerusalem history- from the beginning of the city as a Canaanite city to the present day. A beautiful model of Ottomon Jerusalem exists in the citadel's cellar as well as models of Jerusalem during the Byzantine and and biblical periods.  . 

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