Tomb of Christ - Holy Sepulchre Church, Jerusalem

Tomb of Christ -  Holy Sepulchre Church, Jerusalem
Thisis one of the places where every Christian wishes to visit in his/her life. Eversince its first construction, the Holy Sepulchre church Jerusalem has undergoneseveral challenges but the Christians have fought for it and preserved it as asacred place until today. Entrance to the tomb of Christ is restricted and thereis always a guard at the entrance. The tomb of Christ is located in the Rotunda(a round hall at the heart of the Holy Sepulchre), within the Aedicule. At thetop of the hall is an opening casting natural light over the hall. This hall issupported by 18 huge columns and is 11 meters high. There is also a big stone whichis believed to be the one that was rolled over during the time of Jesus’resurrection.

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