the Yemin Moshe Windmill in Jerusalem

the Yemin Moshe Windmill in Jerusalem
The Yemin Moshe was created in the year 1891 outside the city walls by Moses Montefiore. It was originally intended to resolve the unsanitary conditions and overcrowding in the old city. At first, some of the people were hesitant to live in the village so the first houses were constructed with high gates and walls that are typically locked during night time.

Yemin Moshe Today
These days, the Yemin moshe neighborhood is the main place to stay or visit if you are interested in music and the arts. The village houses a music center as well as a guest house intended for intellectuals and artists from the country and abroad. These serve as the main attraction to a lot of people vacationing in the city. 

A lot of literary celebrations can be witnessed in the village so it is really perfect for literary enthusiasts. It also features the “Windmill” which was constructed by Montefiore to give jobs for the first inhabitants of the area. This village is very famous to locals and tourists most especially during Saturdays where a lot of people gather in the streets of Yemin Moshe to witness the most breathtaking sight of the Old City and nearby areas.

As you walk down the Hinnom Valley, you will come across the Jerusalem Cinematheque which is one of the significant cultural landmarks in the city. From there, you can enjoy a cup of good coffee while you relax on the balcony with the best view to offer. You can also get the chance to watch a great variety of films being shown at the Cinematheque all year long most especially during the film festivals. 
With all these things, Yemin Moshe is definitely a neighborhood that is worth your time and money so take a visit or stay in the area for a more pleasurable vacation in Jerusalem.

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