The Knesset in Jerusalem

The Knesset in Jerusalem

The Knesset is the home of the Israeli parliament in Jerusalem.

The Knesset is where the house of the legislative body of the State of Israel. The Israeli government is the executive branch and the Members of Knesset as the legislative branch.

The Knesset is located on Giv'at Ram (Mt. Ram) in the center of the city, adjacent to the Israel Museum, Prime Minister's Office, the Hebrew University and the Supreme Court.

The Knesset building was inaugurated in 1966, and was attended by dignitaries from across the globe. It has served as the home of the legislators ever since, and has also become a popular visiting ground for Israeli and foreign visitors to the city.

In the entryway to the Knesset lays the famous statue of the Menorah- the seven branched candelabrum from the Jewish Temple. Inside the building, the famous Chagall parlor serves for official state receptions. On display is the original Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel.


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