Shopping in Jerusalem - Old City Market in Jerusalem

Shopping in Jerusalem  - Old City Market in Jerusalem
Simply walking in the alleys and streets of the old city of Jerusalem will make you feel so enriched by the city’s historical past. Hence, strolling into these paths is like passing through the history of the the Holy City. Of course, there are the holy shrines and temples but it is also a delightful experience to explore the old city walls and get to see the various quarters walled in it like the muslim quarter. So, on your visit to the city, spend some time walking through the old city and experience the ancient city like no other.

The muslim quarter alleys are filled with locals and foreign visitors doing shopping in the endless path of the area’s busy market. If you pass by the area to shop, you will be amazed to see everything like spices, clothing and fabric, delicacies, fruits, vegetables and even DVDs. It also serves as a residential neighborhood with plenty of apartments but may not be comparable to the richness of Jewish quarters and other site. 

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