Jerusalem Skyline - View from Mt. Scopus

Jerusalem Skyline - View from Mt. Scopus
The Jerusalem skyline is a sight to behold! It is quite beautiful and filled with history. This is not surprising because the city of Jerusalem is approximately three thousand years old. Thus, the Jerusalem skyline is made up of old structures that date back to the Biblical days and also new structures that were built with the latest technology. One thing that makes the Jerusalem skyline stand out is that the main buildings that make up the Jerusalem skyline are unique in terms of architecture.

So which are the best places from which to view the Jerusalem skyline? Well, the best view which also happens to be the most unique view is that of the old city of Jerusalem and its aesthetically pleasing walls. You should make the effort to visit both at daytime and at nighttime when this wall has been lit up breathtakingly.

The view from a place called the Mount of Olives is also one of the best places to check out the Old City of Jerusalem. This spot offers a beautiful view of the Temple Mount. The Tayelet Armon Hanatziv happens to be a promenade in the neighborhood known as Armon Hanatziv. From there, you can have a wonderful view of the old city when it is alongside the newer city namely the western city. From here, you can also see the Temple Mount. It is thought that the Tayelet is probably the spot where Abraham almost sacrificed his son Isaac but was stopped just in time by an angel of the Lord.

Which other place offers a great view of the Jerusalem skyline? Well, there is a beautiful windmill called the Montefiore Mill which is located at Mishkenot Sha'ananim. Just seeing the windmill is a reward in itself but from this windmill you can have a wonderful view of the Old City Ramparts and also an awesome view of Mount Zion.

The Jerusalem skyline also includes some very impressive modern buildings! One of them is The Knesset which is the name of the Israeli Parliament. The Israeli Parliament calls this beautiful building its home and the architecture is simply brilliant! Other impressive buildings that make up the Jerusalem skyline include the Dormition Church, the Jerusalem Chords Bridge which is simply a work of art, the Shrine of the Book which is at the Israel Museum, the Tower of David, the YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) and the Knesset Menorah, which is an architectural representation of the seven-branched candle holder that goes by the same name (Menorah).

Many people who live and work in Jerusalem and thus are quite familiar with the Jerusalem skyline still never get bored with the amazing views that are provided by the Jerusalem skyline and I am sure you too will be amazed and blown away by the Jerusalem sky line.

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