Jerusalem Light Rail

Jerusalem Light Rail

The Jerusalem Light Rail


The Jerusalem Light Rail is Jerusalem's newest mode of public transportation, an ambitious project which took many years to complete. The first line was inaugurated in 2011, and it runs from Mount Herzl, through the Jerusalem Central Bus Station and Downtown Jerusalem, passing by the Old City walls and leading to Jerusalem's northern neighborhoods.

The Jerusalem Light Rail has rejuvenated downtown Jerusalem, and many of its streets have been turned into pedestrian malls. Jerusalem residents use the train to get to work and to school, and some visitors use it as a convenient, inexpensive way to see the city while on the move.

Future development of the Jerusalem Light Rail will add more lines to the system, connecting more neighborhoods with the city's existing array of buses and taxis and with the future fast railway to Tel Aviv. The Jerusalem Light Rail also passes on the famous Jerusalem Chords Bridge, which was built especially for it.


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