Jerusalem Food - Jerusalem Hummus

Jerusalem Food - Jerusalem Hummus
When it comes to hummus, Jerusalemites take the issue seriously..Many know Jerusalem as a city of religious beliefs and politics, but few know that Jerusalem is one of the places with the best hummus in the world.

There are several hummus-joints, diverse in character, in Jerusalem. The basic recipe for hummus contains a mixture of ground chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and tahini. But every Jerusalem hummus joint has it's own recipe, often handed down from generation to generation, and the competition over "What is the best hummus in Jerusalem?" can become quite intense. 

Like many other topics in Israel, everybody has a different opinion, as well as the “facts” and the enthusiasm to prove their point. It’s common to hear the never-ending debate in the streets of Jerusalem on which hummus place is the best, which tradition should prevail and what is the best secret ingredient? 

Hummus in Jerusalem - some recommendations: 

Hummus Akramawi - located by Damascus Gate. The staff makes me feel at home but most of all it really comes down to the hummus: that curious blend of lemon juice, herbs and spices. This JErusalem hummus has a perfect, light texture,and each serving is accompanied by crispy, hot and delicious falafel balls without extra charge.  

Hummus Ben-Sira - A great place to get excellent local Hummus at local prices. This hummus in Jerusalem is a popular spot among young Jerusalmites and Hebrew University students and it is open till the small hours of the AM. The young and welcoming atmosphere makes it a fun Jerusalem hummus experience for all. 

Lina - located on El Hanka street in the Christian quarter of the Old City. Lina`s Hummus has a stronger taste of chick peas and its location in the Old City by the 7th station of the Way of the Cross (Via Dolorosa, Stations of the Cross) helps to create an authentic hummus experience.  

Abu Shukri - Located in the village of Abu Gosh outside of Jerusalem, Abu Shukri hummus has become nationally renowned. This village is notorious for its restaurants, and especially for the hummus joints. One of the most famous establishments is  who created a chain of branches to the point where no one is quite sure which one is the original. The Hummus in all of them is rich, with a topping of whole chick peas and the finest extra virgin olive oil.  

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