Jerusalem at Sunset

Jerusalem at Sunset

View from the Mount of Olives


Jerusalem's skyline has some of the most special buildings in the world in it- like the dome of the rock and the various steeples of the holy churches. Watch them change color as the sun sets in the western hills!

Jerusalem is famous for everything from prophecies and bible quotes to ancient ruins and holy sites. The city of Jerusalem is also famous for its magnificent sunsets, which can be seen from its mountains and valleys and offer a different perspective from every point.

When the sun rises in the east over the Judean desert, it stays high above the city of Jerusalem on the long summer days, and then sets in the west over the Judean hills and towards the Mediterranean Sea. Catch a glimpse of the colors that paint the ancient stone in red, yellow, purple and orange. From any vantage point, sunsets in Jerusalem paint a postcard picture perfect moment.

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