Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem - the Rotunda

Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem - the Rotunda

The Rotunda at the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem - symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus Christ


The Rotunda is located in the center of the Anastasis, beneath the larger of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher's two domes. In the center of the Rotunda, the chapel called The Edicule can be seen. This contains the Holy Sepulcher.

The Edicule is built from two rooms. One contains the Angel's Stone, a fragment of the stone believed to have sealed the tomb after Jesus' burial, while the second one is the tomb itself.

Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Armenian Apostolic Churches all have rights to the interior of the tomb, and all three communities celebrate the Divine Liturgy or Holy Mass there on a daily basis. It is also used for other ceremonies on special occasions, such as the Holy Saturday ceremony of the Holy Fire celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem.

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