Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem - Franciscan Order

Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem - Franciscan Order
Recognized by their brown cloaks rapped in rope, the Franciscan Catholic order is an inseparable part of Jerusalem's history and the holy sites of the Holy Land. 

In 1217 Saint Francis of Assisi, founder of the Friars Minor, came to the Holy Land. At that time, the Pope himself entrusted the Franciscan order to be the guardians of the Holy Land sites - The Custodia Terra Santa. The Friars Minor have been the custodians to the holy sites in Jerusalem and the Holy Land for almost a millennium. For the past 8 centuries, the Custodia has coordinated and directed the reception of pilgrims who have come to the Holy Land and have looked after the Holy Christian sites in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt (in part), Cyprus and Rhodes dedicated to the Cross and the Holy See. 

Custodia Terra Santa - Holy Land Custodians in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (in Photo)

The Holy Sepulchre church in Jerusalem is believed to be the site where Jesus Christ was crucified and buried. The specific site of this holy church where the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place is the Calvary (Golgotha).

For this reason, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is holy for Roman Catholics (represented by the Franciscan order) as well as Eastern Orthodox (Armenian/Greek/Russian Orthodox) and Coptic sects. For this reason the Church of the Holy Sepulchre has become a source of friction and debate over the authority and jurisdiction over the Holy Sepulchre Church and its chambers. 

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