Gold Dome Of The Rock in Jerusalem

Gold Dome Of The Rock in Jerusalem
GOLDEN MOSQUE JERUSALEM which is also known as the Dome of Rock is located on the Temple of Mount in the old city of Jerusalem. It has been refurbished several times since its initial construction. This mosque holds special for all the Muslims as it is the center Haram Sharif, a greater shrine of Muslims. It is the place from where the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was ascended to heaven with the proficient angel Gabriel. It is one of the miracles of the final messenger Muhammad (PBUH). He also met Moses, Abraham and Jesus Christ during his journey to the heaven. 
GOLDEN MOSQUE JERUSALEM is the most sacred place in Jerusalem and Jews turn towards this place during the prayer. The dome was erected between 689 and 691 CE the main purpose of the construction of the dome was that it would save the Muslims from cold by providing them shelter. It was built with the intention to serve as a monument for pilgrims and not for the purpose of public worship. The architecture styles in which the Dome of the Rock is built is byzantine architecture and Muslims architecture. 
The great Dome of the Rock was originally built with gold but was later replaced copper and then aluminum. At present it is made of aluminum mixed with gold leaf which was a generous donation of the King of Jordan, King Hussain. GOLDEN MOSQUE JERUSALEM has exceptionally beautifuk visual style that looks so attractive and it is because of the mathematical rhythm of its proportions. Moreover, multicolor Turkish tiles are installed on the floor which adds to its beauty and style. Quranic verses are written around the octagonal part of the Dome of the Rock which is a classical display of the calligraphy. 
The interior of GOLDEN MOSQUE JERUSALEM is filled with flower decorations of precious metals such as gold and silver. The special thing about the Dome of the Rock is that it is equally to both Muslims and Jews according to their beliefs. A small mihrab is a part of the original building that was first built centuries ago and it is the oldest mihrab on the earth. 
There is sacred rock in GOLDEN MOSQUE JERUSALEM about which Muslims believe that Holy prophet’s winged horse leapt into the sky after which he was taken to meet some messengers and saw heaven after that. There is a reliquary which has a hair of the sacred and most respected beard of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The view of the Dome of the Rock at any time of the day is so attractive that one can hardly resist staring at it. Due to the several reasons the Dome of the Rock is of special significance for the Muslims of the entire world.

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