Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

Garden Tomb, Jerusalem
The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem is also known as the Gordon’s Calvary. It can be found proximal to the Damascus Gate and Golgotha. It plays a very important role in Christianity and the Jewish people as it is referred to as the site where Jesus Christ was buried and resurrected. This is just one of the splendid places to visit while in Jerusalem but it should not be missed. 

The Garden Tomb’s Authenticity 
During the 19th century, there were doubts about the authenticity of The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem unlike with other traditional sites. But in these modern days, this site is considered as a possible site for the burial of Jesus Christ. Majority of the tour guides are convinced that the Garden Tomb is a genuine place in Jewish history.

The huge cistern that is located close to The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem is thought to be a proof that it existed in the years of Jesus’ existence. There are preserved evidences of Christian worship at the Garden tomb which just verify the place sanctity all throughout times. 
Also, written accounts in the Scriptures serve as proofs of the authenticity of the garden. In Hebrews 13, the verses clearly stated that the site for Jesus burial is located outside the walls of the city which is actually the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem and not the Church of the Holy Sepulcher contrary to other beliefs. Another strong point is that archaeologists have dated the Garden Tomb at 9 to 7 BC which is also the timeline mentioned in the Old Testament making the tomb a revered landmark in the city. 

The Garden Tomb - A Magical Place 
The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem is such a majestic place to visit when planning a visit to Jerusalem. Despite the controversies regarding its authenticity, this place is still enchanting and a must see. Plus, it is more accessible than other traditional sites so there can be no bumping with the crowds.
What are the exciting things to see in the Garden Tomb? Basically, you will find the multilingual marks at the site as powerful words as it speaks about the resurrection of Christ. Other than these signs, you will also get the chance to explore the deep channel where the tomb’s stone was moved. The windows and doors of the Garden are also suggestive of the Crusader or Byzantine era. 

Once you get to see the inside of The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, you will find the tomb that is made from rock and you will also find the burial chamber that is situated on the right corner as written in the Bible. These are just few of the amazing features of the Garden Tomb and there are a lot more of special things to see making you feel humbled as you gaze into this traditional site. 

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