Damascus Gate aka Nabulous Gate in Jerusalem

Damascus Gate aka Nabulous Gate in Jerusalem

Damascus Gate/Nabulous Gate in Jerusalem is one of the main entrances to Jerusalem's Old City. It is located in the northwest corner of the Old City, where the ancient road used to lead towards Nablus and Damascus. It's Arabic name is Bal Al Nasr, the gate of victory.

The current gate was built in 1537 during the Ottoman Empire and under the rule of Sultan Suleiman. Below the current gate are the remnants of the original Roman gate.

The gate was also called St. Stephen's Gate by crusadors, as it is adjacent to St. Stephen's Church. The gate has two towers on its sides, which were used as watchtowers in the past. 

The gate now leads out of the Old City and into bustling East Jerusalem and the Nablus Gate Bus Terminal. It is used daily by thousands of residents of the Old City and East Jerusalem, and also by many of the visitors to Jerusalem and the Old City.


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