Crosses of Jerusalem

Crosses of Jerusalem
Jerusalem Cross – The Story 
Centuries of tradition are enclosed with the Jerusalem Cross. It is believed to have its roots during the time of the Crusaders when the Kingdom of Jerusalem is on the rise. That particular period in the past is the richest point of Christian tradition which is why the Jerusalem cross is also regarded to as the “Crusader” based from its history.
According to historical accounts, the man named Godfrey de Bouillon is the one who first make use of the Jerusalem Cross symbol. Godfrey was a Crusader leader which thought that the main cross depicts Jesus Christ and also symbolizes the city of Jerusalem which is also the religious core of the entire world. Furthermore, the four Jerusalem crosses refer to the four gospels of the prophets John, Luke, Matthew and Mark. The other parts refer to the sides of the Earth and how the gospels have managed to reach them. 
Jerusalem Cross Pendant and Accessories 
Since the introduction of Christianity to the people, religious symbols such as crosses have been used for adornment and jewelleries. Most probably, you know that the most omnipresent of all these is the cross that is widely used in jewellery items like earrings, rings, and necklaces. 
However, the Jerusalem Cross pendant is more favoured by people from all over the globe even the non- Christians. Once example of item that is well loved by the masses is the Jerusalem cross necklace. In fact, it is a very hot trend these days which is why you will see a lot of jewellery shops offering these religious pieces. These are extremely popular because of its rich history and religious meaning but because of its unique beauty. There are many necklace designs available to choose from and one of the most attractive is the pendant made from stone engraved with the cross of Jerusalem.
Other than necklaces pendants, you will also find Jerusalem cross ring and other jewellery pieces that are truly eyed catching and suggestive of strong faith. When these pieces are worn, you will definitely feel a different sense of satisfaction since you are wearing a very holy symbol that touches you from within. These are the jewellery pieces on the market that are truly irresistible most especially for the strong believers of Christ.

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