Way of the Cross, Jerusalem - 14th Station of the Cross

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Way of the Cross, Jerusalem.
Station Fourteen – Via Dolorosa - Jesus is Laid in The Tomb
By the late hours of Friday night, Jesus was removed from the cross. The Sabbath was getting closer and soon it will be forbidden to bury the body. A man by the name of Joseph of Arimathea offers Mother Mary to use his own tomb. Jesus is taken to the tomb. Jesus’ body was anointed with oil, embalmed, dressed in burial shrouds and prepared for burial.

According to tradition, three days after his burial, Mary, Jesus’ mother and Mary Magdalene returned to the tomb on Sunday in order to arrange for a more permanent tomb. To their astonishment, both women found out that the body of Jesus has disappeared. It was an angel who told them of Jesus miraculous resurrection. The Tomb of Jesus is located at the church of the Holy Sepluchre in the center of a round hall, inside a rectangular structure known as the Edicule.

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