Tomb of King David in Jerusalem

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Tomb of King David in Jerusalem.
The site of David’s Tomb is a sacred to all 3 monotheistic religions. According to Judaism, King David belonged to the Tribe of Judah, liberated Jerusalem from the Jebusites and was a great Jewish warrior and poet. According to Christian tradition, Jesus is the direct descendant of King David and the messiah promised to come from King David lineage. According to Muslim tradition, King David was the great prophet ‘Dawud’.
During the Byzantine period a church commemorating King David stood here but it was believed that his tomb lay in Bethlehem. It was only during the Crusader period that Mount Zion became the perceived site of his burial. Because of dispute between the Jewish and Franciscan communities, the control over the site was given to the Muslim community by the Mamluk ruler. The site has recently been renovated by the Jerusalem Development Authority and is now an accessible, attractive and popular site.

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