the Western Wall in Jerusalem - Wilson's Arch

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The Wilson’s Arch in Jerusalem is an ancient stone arch that was part of a series of arches that supported a bridge that connected between the Temple Mount and the Upper City. It was named after the British explorer Charles William Wilson, who identified the arch in 1864. The striking size of Wilson’s Arch that once spanned 42 feet along with enormous stones, serve as a reminder of the astounding building expertise of King Herod.Today Wilson’s Arch serves as a synagogue and contains many Torah Scrolls used for Bar-Mitzvah’s, weekday and Shabbat services. Many different prayer groups, or ‘Minyans’, can be seen conducting services simultaneously and almost at any hour one can find a ‘Minyan’ to join.We now continue to The Jerusalem Archaeological Park and the Robinson’s arch, where we will witness the glory and magnificence of the Second Temple as it rises from the ruins.

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