The Russian Compound in Jerusalem

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The Russian Compound, Migrash ha-Rusim in Hebrew, is one of the oldest areas in central Jerusalem. The Russian Compound includes a large Russian Orthodox church, former pilgrim hostels and the former Jewish rebels prison which was used by the British Mandate in the Holy Land.  It has since become the Museum of Underground Prisoners.

The Russian Compound was built between the years 1860-1864 by the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society. It was built to offer accommodation to the growing number of Russian pilgrims who came to Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

During the British Mandate in the Holy Land (1918-1948), the compound was used as a center of government administration. 

During the 1960s, the Israeli government bought the Russian Compound, except for the the Holy Trinity church.

For many years the Russian Compound served as a center of Jerusalem's nightlife but this has changed somewhat since the reconstruction of some of the structures in the Russian Compound. 

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