The Kotel - the Western Wall in Jerusalem

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The Western Wall is the one of four retaining walls surrounding the Temple Mount. It served as the western supporting outer wall during the times of the Second Temple.
Surviving over 2000 years of history, it is the largest intact structure since the destruction of the Second Jewish Temple in 70 AD. Its proximity to where the ‘Holy of Holies’ lay in the Temple, bestowed the Wall with sacred status in Jewish tradition. It serves at the same time as a symbol of Jewish exile, which is why it is also known as “The Wailing Wall”, and a symbol of historic Jewish glory and hope of redemption. Therefore, it has become a religious and national symbol in Israel and many national, religious and even military ceremonies are held at the Western Wall to this day. Due to its significance in Judaism today, it has become customary to place a small note with a wish or prayer within the cracks of the ancient wall.

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