The Cardo - Old City in Jerusalem, Jewish Quarter

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The Cardo in Jerusalem is also known as the “Street of Pillars” and is considered as the most noticeable site in Jerusalem that features a mixture of Byzantine and Roman design elements. The term “cardo” is derived from the Greek word which means “heart”. The cardo serves as one of the major streets during the Old City times. It was constructed by the Romans almost two thousand years ago and this goes from one point of the old city to another end. It is the central road during the Byzantine and Roman times. 

It is a very wide road that is bordered by gigantic walls on the west and arcade on the eastern portion. It is also composed of a series of columns that actually takes the weight of the roofing beams. The roof of the cardo makes it cooler and more comfortable so shop at the streets and serve as the protection of the people from outside factors such as the rain and sun.

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