The Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem

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Austrian Hospice in Jerusalem. 
Divided by a 16th century old wall from the modern city, the Old city, representing the heart of Jerusalem is further subdivided into four quarters: the Jewish quarter, the American quarter, the Muslim quarter, and the Christian quarter.

Located in the Muslim Quarters of the old city of Jerusalem, the Austrian Hospice (built in 1857) is home to many pilgrims, mostly Christian, given its close proximity to holy sites such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, al-Aqsa Mosque and The Western Wall. The interior of the Guesthouse is fairly modern though it still manages to capture the feel of the 19th century.

The Austrian Hospice offers both rooms (single, double and triple-bed) with attached bathrooms, and dormitory, which like sanitation and shower facilities, is segregated as per gender. The rates (including breakfast) for the rooms vary from 6600€ to 8100€ for individuals, while ranging from 4500€ to 7000€ for groups, with children aged 0-3 years not being charged at all. Conversely, the charges for the dormitories range from 2500€ to 3800€, and includes breakfast. Option of Half-board is also available and additional facilities include hairdryers, hand-towels, personal closet, and access to elevator. 

The Austrian Hospice is regarded as a meeting point for various cultures and religions within the field of art for not only are there biblical scenes adorned on the ceiling, but a variety of exhibitions and concerts are also held at the Austrian Hospice- exhibiting, most notably, the works of Israeli, Jewish, Muslim and Christian artists.

Of the many reasons to reside in the Austrian Hospice of the holy family, the rooftop terrace and the Apple Strudel, undoubtedly, are the two major ones. Situated on the Via Dolorosa, the rooftop presents the awe-inspiring views of the old city, such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Damascus Gate, and the Golden dome of rock etc. Open from 10am until 10pm, the Viennese Café of the Austrian Hospice serves its to-die-for Apple Strudel along with its other specialties like Julius Meinl coffee, Brettljausn and Fleischlaberl. The Hospice, additionally, has an exquisite collection of wine and beers from Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic and Belgium, which seduces one’s taste buds. 

All in all, the Austrian Hospice is one of the best guest houses in the Old City, offering good value for money, with its hospitable staff; peaceful atmosphere; comfortable rooms, in addition to the breath-taking view from the rooftop.

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