Jerusalem City Hall - Safra Square

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Safra Square, Jerusalem.
The original city hall of Jerusalem was constructed in the year 1930 during the British Mandatory era. After several years, the city grew and along with it is the need to render more diverse and modern services to match the growing needs and population. With this, the city government has decided to expand its functions by building additional offices to cater services to all the residents of Jerusalem.
However, there was a reduction in the efficiency of the services so it was agreed that there should only be one building that will serve as the house of the city’s local government. After long deliberation, the safra square was selected although there have been challenges when it comes to preserving the 19th century structures in the city.
The municipal building project was headed by Jewish Canadian architect Jack Damond who added three buildings and connected it to the ten old buildings making it a single site. They have rehabilitated and made an effort to retain the historic nature of the place and they added over forty palm trees along the Jaffa Road were planted and lion statues were used to adorn the safra square to symbolize Jerusalem. 
The decision making site of the city is truly the heart of the local government where you can also have a nice view of the northern part of the city and the breathtaking Mount Scopus. So, if you are visiting Jerusalem a tour to the safra square should be on your list.

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