Jaffa Gate - Old City Jerusalem

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Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem also known as the Gate of the Friend and David’s Gate. It is a stone portal situated in the ancient wall of the Old City. It is just one of the 18 gates of the old walls of the city. It is very relevant to the Jews since it is the only entrance that is situated at a right angle. It is believed that the gate was constructed that way to serve as a defensive tactic to slow down enemies or to direct them to Jaffa Road. 
The jaffa gate is obviously named after Jaffa Road which got its name from Jaffa port from which Jonah go on board his journey to the sea. The Arabic term for the jaffa gate is “Bab el-Khalil which is translated as “Gate of the Prayer Niche of David”. This is so because David is referred to as an Islam Prophet. Later on, the Crusaders rebuilt The Tower of David and construct a gate to its current spot and called it David’s Gate.

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