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Aug 17, 2017
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We added the Jerusalem News Feed after many requests from members who wished to receive news from Jerusalem with the emphasis on religious news from Jerusalem and breaking news from the region. As of now, we are the first Jerusalem site to gather Jerusalem news from different sites and display Christian, Jewish and Muslim Jerusalem news in one place.

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Breaking news includes breaking news from around the world which we believe will interest you. The breaking news from Jerusalem allows you to stay current with world news, news from Israel and Palestine, and religious oriented news in regard to the Holy Land and Jerusalem.

Christian Jerusalem News, Jewish Jerusalem News and Muslim Jerusalem news all cover news items in regard to these three religions of Jerusalem who all hold Jerusalem close to their hearts and wish to stay current and connected to the holy city.

Our Jerusalem news aggregators include, but are not limited to: the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Custodia de Terra Sancta (Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land), Friends of Al Aqsa, the Jerusalem Post, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Ynet,, Albawaba News, Vatican News and more.

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