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Rosary sisters convent

Established in 1880, the Catholic order is called "Sisters of the Holy Rosary". This is the only order established in the Holy Land in modern times, and is the largest order of nuns in the country and based on only nuns of Arab descent. Its founders are the descendants of the Latin Patriarch, Arab Christian from the North Father Joseph Tannous and Sister Alphonsine Daniel, an Arab from Jerusalem. The rosary is a Christian string of beads used for prayer and is made ​​up of five to ten sets of ten beads separated one large bead. The string is used in the Catholic Church to concentrate the faithful in prayer over the 15 events in the life of Christ, which are divided into 3 categories, each with five events: joy, sorrow and sublime events. Prayers are said between each set of beads. In Orthodox churches the rosary is mainly used by monks. The Catholic Church officially recognized the rosary in 1520 during the tenure of Pope Leo X.

Jerusalem map
The Jerusalem map is an interactive map of Jerusalem which includes an old city map, tours, sites, utilities, info and much more. The Jerusalem map is the only accurate map of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is customizable and allows anyone to easily discover Jerusalem in the bible or modern Jerusalem, holy sites or restaurants in Jerusalem, experience each of the 14 Stations of the Cross or find the best hummus place around.

With the help of tour guides, kind inhabitants, government officials and quite a bit of leg work, the team has created the most informative, comprehensive and unique digital map of Jerusalem available today.
The Jerusalem map is fully interactive and you can choose between the ‘Explore’ mode and the ‘Tours’ mode. In addition, unlike other maps of Jerusalem, this Jerusalem map is both useful for those who are in Jerusalem and would like to explore Jerusalem sites and tours, as well as enjoyable and educational to those who are elsewhere in the world and want to go back in time and explore Jerusalem in the bible.

Jerusalem Map Tours Mode

The Interactive Jerusalem Old City Map includes tours of Jerusalem according to specific themes. If you would like to explore the ‘Way of the Cross’ for instance, this Jerusalem Map tour will draw out the route and mark the 14 Stations of the Cross along the way. This way, you can get a fully guided tour of the Stations of the Cross on your computer and mobile device. The Way of the Cross Map Tour is fully narrated and includes photos and explanations on every station, as well as an introductory video. You can click and move freely between stations of the Stations of the Cross as you please.

Jerusalem Map Explore Mode

If you prefer to explore the interactive Jerusalem map for yourself, select the ‘Explore’ mode. The Jerusalem map Explore mode is customizable and allows you to view the sites and markers on the map of Jerusalem. You can search for Churches, Synagogues and mosques in Jerusalem as well as hotels, restaurants and toilets in the Old City of Jerusalem. Every item on the map is clickable and includes a short description or info on the site in Jerusalem.
We are constantly adding photos, marks and sites to our Jerusalem map to keep it up to date and to keep improving the map. The Jerusalem map assures that anyone who uses the interactive Jerusalem map gets the most possible out of this medium – an accurate, informative and even guiding map of Jerusalem.
The true uniqueness of our Jerusalem map comes from the fusing of raw data on physical sites with advanced technology. The coordinates are GPS compliant which will enable in the future to mark the location of the mobile device user on the Jerusalem map. Further developments include expanding the map of Jerusalem to include the “new” Jerusalem outside the old city walls and mapping more unique, enjoyable and educational tours of Jerusalem.
So, whether you are in Jerusalem or whether you are far away, the Jerusalem Map allows you to walk the streets and alleyways of Jerusalem as never before. With the Jerusalem Interactive Map you can walk the Way of the Cross, locate a specific synagogue or just find the best hummus place in town. The Jerusalem map includes the Old City map which is the most detailed and accurate Jerusalem Old City map available online. With the Tour and Explore mode, you can turn the Jerusalem map into a bible map, following the sites and paths of biblical Jerusalem from the days of King David, the Roman Empire and Jesus. Beyond the Old City as a Jerusalem bible map, the Jerusalem map offers tours, info and oversight of the west Jerusalem which includes Jerusalem Hotels, Jerusalem synagogues churches and mosques, Jerusalem restaurants, Jerusalem facilities toilets and more. The Jerusalem map is continuously being updated to keep it the most accurate new & old city map of Jerusalem.