Muhammad in Jerusalem

Prophet Muhammad in Jerusalem

Prophet Muhammad in Jerusalem

According to the Muslim tradition and the holy Islam book -the Quran, the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven from Mount Haram al-Sharif (today also known as the Temple Mount) in Jerusalem. On the fateful Night Journey, The Prophet Muhammad's heaven journey from Mecca to Jerusalem on his flying horse Buraq. As mentioned in the Qur'an (17:1). The verse states: "Glory be to Him Who made His servant to go on a night from the Sacred Mosque to the remote mosque of which We have blessed the precincts, so that We may show to him some of Our signs; surely He is the Hearing, the Seeing." — Qur'an, Sura 17 (Al-Is'ra). The Dome of the Rock enshrines the Rock believed to be where the prophet ascended to heaven. Muslim worshippers pray underneath the 'Foundation Rock' which is said to be floating.

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