Holy Sepulchre Adventure

Church of the Holy Sepulchre Adventure

Explore & learn about the crucifixion, burial & resurrection of Jesus Christ with the 3D Holy Sepulchre Adventure game.
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Trivia Treasure Unlock the Mystery Chests! Time Challenge Race Against the Clock! Collect Rewards Speed Bonuses & Gold!

Holy Sepulchre Adventure

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The Jerusalem.com educational games are truly enjoyable and present new way for children to play a compelling game while receiving historic & religious education.
The Holy Sepulchre Adventure is an excellent Christian game allowing children to learn about the story of Christ’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection. This is the first Christian game of its kind, and offers a truly innovative way for kids to play & learn.

Children are given a time-limited task and must answer trivia questions to open mystery chests and collect gold. In this way in order to win the player learns about the religious significance and story of the Holy Sepulchre and the last days of Jesus. Beyond just being informative like most Christian games, our educational games allow players to actually experience the sites and see them as they look in reality!

While it is true that different children connect to different mediums of education, we have seen that almost all children connect immediately to the 3D environment and challenges of our educational games. Many were excited to see Jerusalem and its sites and places which they've been hearing about for years!

The Holy Sepulchre Adventure is truly a unique Christian game for Christian education. The 3D environment coupled with the educational game element creates a new concept in educational Christian games.
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Learn & Enjoy

Kids love games, 3D environments and exciting graphics, so why aren't there more games like this? Most educational games online are dull, 2D and outdated.
Moreover, in the world of religious games and Christian games the situation is even worse and there are no truly religious educational games that children can “get sucked in to” while learning.

What if children who could learn about the bible, their faith and religious beliefs while seeing what they’re learning about? What if they could explore the actual sites where the events of the Bible transpired? What if, for instance, they could play a game at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre 3D and tour the site where millions of people worldwide believe Jesus was crucified, buried & resurrected?

That’s why Jerusalem.com created educational games which use 3D gaming technology that is converted into educational games which include info, stories and actually seeing and moving in the holy sites of Jerusalem!

Jerusalem.com’s educational games and are more than just facts and trivia. It is the education of historic and religious stories, values and beliefs. Children must learn about the history and narratives which lie at the center of their faiths. Parents are often frustrated that kids prefer to play on their computer or mobile devices rather than learn about their faith and origins. Every parent wants their child to be interested in their education. But kids don't only learn from their teachers, they learn a great deal from extracurricular activities related such as games films, friends and practical application.
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The concept

Jerusalem is unique for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that Jerusalem is the birth place of all 3 major monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This offers a unique opportunity to turn Jerusalem into a place of inter-religious understanding and learning about other religions and faiths.
As an internet city, Jerusalem of Jerusalem.com is borderless and undiscriminating so that everyone and anyone can enjoy free 3D tours of Jewish, Christian and Muslim sites from anywhere in the world. Our team of developers and religious advisers work together to fuse the best of both world – gaming and religion, into one incredible and fun experience that both parents and children approve and enjoy!

Educational games for religious education in the age of computers, science and technology, must be fitted for the younger generation that is raised on the internet and virtual world. With most educational games online, children get bored or lack the interest in learning since the level of stimulation is low and kids today are used to high-end graphics and fast paced games. There are so many methods to approach the making of educational games: word searches cross words, puzzle games etc. Many of these games offer religious education through a simple familiar games game. These games repeatedly fail to truly engage the children and offer little true educational content. They’re more about “pass time” than anything else – they’re just not that interesting or fun.

We aspire to create 3D educational games for all sites in Jerusalem so that jeruaslem.com will become a resource for religious education. We will soon launch our Jewish games and Muslim games which will take place in respectively important historical and religious sites.
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