Why visit Jerusalem? A city of both religious calling and contemporary culture, Perfect for the independent traveler

by Backpacker Becki

A visit to Jerusalem may not appear to be the usual city of choice for a traveller with no religious calling, yet it is a city whose cultural rejuvenation is attracting those wanting to look beyond its theological persona. The city is cryptic yet captivating, firmly cementing itself as a fun, contemporary space whilst retaining the ancient, spiritual hold that it’s mostly known for.


It’s exactly this uniqueness that makes Jerusalem one of my favourite areas of Israel (I admit that I became more of a Jerusalemite than a Tel Avivian) and travelling here really is different to what you initially expect it to be.

Wanting to explore the history and old architecture, the Old City was firmly on my radar before arriving and when there, was a place with such magnetism that I often found myself heading back over and over with no aim except to lose myself within it. Yet my nights spent dining in the old market, wandering amongst the local neighbourhoods and frequenting the entertainment area, soon confirmed that you must look outside of the Old City walls to experience the charm of Jerusalem in its entirety.

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Old City, Jerusalem, Israel, rooftop view

Old City, Jerusalem, Israel