Tzipori Center in the Jerusalem Forest


The Tzipori Center is located in the heart of Jerusalem forest, on the western side of Jerusalem. The forest was planted in the 1950s by the Jewish National Fund and additional donors. Originally covering four square kilometers, the expansion of the city has brought the size of the forest down to 1.2 square kilometers.

The Jerusalem Forest is home to the Yad Vashem museum, located adjacent to Mount Herzl.. The Tzipori Center consists of a small guest house, hostel, with two large swimming pools and 20 spacious hotel rooms. The swimming pool generally open to the public only in the summer months, allowing visitors to enjoy outdoor activities in the shady forested area.

The Tzipori Center is the ideal location for retreats and other large events. With the swimming pools and outdoor area, in addition to the comfortable guest rooms, it is a favorite location for local events and visiting groups. The breathtaking views of the forest and the Jerusalem hills serve as a stunning backdrop for any event.

In 2010, the center hosted a special three day retreat for visiting high school students. Organized by Religions for Peace Israel in partnership with the Auburn Theological Seminary in New York, the seminar focused on the pursuit of peaceful resolutions to conflicts and misunderstandings. The retreat brought together Palestinian youth, Israelis and visiting Jewish youth from around the world. The participants were selected following a vigorous application and interview process. A huge success, the retreat drew much attention from local and international media.  

One year later, in the summer of 2011, the Tzipori Center was put at risk by a forest fire in the Jerusalem Forest. The center was evacuated of its inhabitants, mostly children, and no casualties were incurred. Luckily, the fire was quickly contained, and the Jerusalem Forest's unique flora and fauna were rescued.

A unique Jerusalem landmark, the Tzipori Center offers locals and visitors a relaxed place to stay, close to the city's attractions but secluded enough to offer genuine peace and quiet. It also provides an excellent opportunity to get out of the city for the day, relaxing by the pools and enjoying the fresh air and solitude of the Jerusalem Forest.

Located directly outside the city, the center borders on the picturesque neighborhood of Beit Hakerem, and is minutes away from tourist attractions like Mt. Herzl and the unmatched experience of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. Its location in the western part of Jerusalem makes it easily accessible from outside the city, namely from the direction of Tel Aviv, and it is a short ride away from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station and the nearby Chords Bridge and downtown area.