Have you ever met a new person and had the feeling that you have met him sometime in the past? Did you ever see the expression on the face of a personwho found something that he lost? Did you ever visit a new place and feel that somewhere deep in your heart you were already there?

What feeling was evoked in those moments? Happiness? Uniqueness? completeness?

More than once l have had the privilege of guiding Jewish tourists on their first visit to the Western Wall. This visit is one of the highlights of the tour.

As a guide, l like to cover the eyes of the participants and lead them from a certain point in the old city to the western wall. When they are all standing in front of the Western wall, l ask them to take off their eye coverings slowly.

There are very few moments in life where one stands speechless. One of these moments is when I see these tourists looking at the western wall and then back into their souls, knowing that they have found one of the missing pieces. Watching them wipe their tears on the wall that connects all Jews from all generations. Understanding that their tears are a continuation of a history full of prayers, hopes, victories and losses that belong to the Jewish nation. I think the word to describe this special moment is powerful.

There is no other word to express these moments of the Jewish nation coming home, bit by bit, after 2000 years of exile. There is no one true answer to the question what should a Jewish person feel when he enters this holy place for the first time. Each one of us has his own life story, his own problems and his own joy. The unique thing about this wall is that every Jew feels a need to come and leave his mark.  Every Jew wants to have the opportunity to come and say that he has finally returned. 

As an Israeli citizen, and practically a Yerushalmi, watching the Jewish people return gives me the strength to continue and live in a country that is under fire on a daily basis. There is almost not a day that l don't see the returning Jews- as individual's or in groups.

I watch them when they are walking around this holy city and I know that deep inside their soul they understand that they were here before.

Something moves inside them, and they can't ignore that special voice that guides them to continue the journey of the Jewish nation in the Jewish land.