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What is Jerusalem? This question is more complex than one would initially think for Jerusalem is not merely an ordinary city. Jerusalem carries far greater importance than any other city in the world. Jerusalem symbolizes destruction and redemption, misery and hope, war and peace. Jerusalem has inspired poets and worriers alike and has been the essence of many prayers, songs, literature and art. Jerusalem has many faces and is simultaneously immersed in mystery and stark reality. Jerusalem both unites and separates. Jerusalem is close to the hearts of many millions of people around the globe and for the same reason is the source of struggle and divide. Jerusalem is a many different things to many different people but at the same time reminds us of our eternal human bond. – A Jerusalem of joy, faith, hope, peace and love. – A Jerusalem of joy, faith, hope, peace and love.
Jerusalem from the SouthJerusalem - Tower of DavidJerusalem sunset from the Mount of OlivesThe Mount of 3D Virtual Tours - Dome of the 3D Virtual Tours - the Western 3D Virtual Tours - Church of the Holy SepulchreThe Western Wall in Jerusalem

What is Jerusalem? Jerusalem is history – one of the oldest cities in the world. For over 3000 years of existence, Jerusalem has been the center of civilization and the foundation of faith. It has been declared the “Naval of the World”, the spiritual and geographical center of the universe and the place from which the entire world begun. Jerusalem carries marks of our evolution and envelopes our past, present and future. What is Jerusalem? Jerusalem is religion – the holy city for Christian, Jews and Muslims. Jerusalem is the city where Jesus taught, where he was crucified and where he fulfilled his destiny. Jerusalem is the city where King David established his kingdom and where King Solomon built the temple. Jerusalem is the city where the Prophet Muhammad embarked on the Night Journey and where he ascended to heaven. Jerusalem is where all these faiths believe the messiah shall appear bringing with him the end-of-days salvation. 

What is Jerusalem? Jerusalem is politics – a city rife with claims of ownership. Is Jerusalem the capital of the state of Israel? Is it Al-Quds – the holy city and capital of Palestine? Perhaps Jerusalem is an international city, as was declared by the UN in 1947? Jerusalem has been ruled by the Egyptians, Israelite, Greek, Roman, Ottoman and British empires. It has been conquered and besieged, fought over by Crusaders, Mamluks and armies and legions of various nations. Jerusalem has been the source of so many wars and at the same time the symbol of eternal peace. 

So what is Jerusalem? Jerusalem is what you want it to be for you. Jerusalem is for everyone and anyone. Jerusalem is beauty and uniqueness and can teach us all who we are, where we come from and what we are capable of, for good and for bad. So we, at, call upon you to virtually visit Jerusalem online and experience our truly open Jerusalem – Jerusalem of joy, faith, hope, peace and love. A Jerusalem the way we believe Jerusalem should, and could, be. A Jerusalem that unites us as and reminds us of our similarities, not our difference. Experience Jerusalem in a way never possible before and allow yourself to be touched by the most special and incredible city in the world. Explore Jerusalem and feel it in a new way, here at

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JERUSALEM 3D VIRTUAL TOURS - guided 3D tours of different sites in Jerusalem such as the Western Wall, Holy Sepulchre and Dome of the Rock. Tours are free (require free log in) and we are adding more online tours all the time!

JERUSALEM 3D EDUCATIONAL GAMES - Based on our 3D environments of the 3D Virtual Tours, we have created a Trivia Pursuit game that is both fun and educational. It's the gaming world kids love with content parents love. 

JERUSALEM VIDEO TOURS - Short videos of different places and themes in Jerusalem and fully guided video tours of the Way of the Cross, the Western Wall Tunnels and the Garden Tomb.

JERUSALEM PHOTOS - Unique Panoramic photos of Jerusalem allow you to zoom-in with great detail and read about sites you see. Our Jerusalem 360 photos allow you to explore the inside gems of Jerusalem.  

INTERACTIVE JERUSALEM MAP - An interactive map of Jerusalem with tours such as the Stations of the Cross, from Jaffa Gate to Zion Gate and more. Explore the Christian, Jewish and Muslim sites of Jerusalem, as well as modern secular Jerusalem.  Our Interactive Jerusalem map is constantly being updated.  

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