The Cenacle

The Cenacle is also known as the “Upper Room”. This is the place where the Last Supper is said to have been held. The Cenacle means “dinner” in Latin. The Cenacle is an important place, especially to Christians, because besides being the site for the last supper, this is the place where the Apostles are believed to have performed several activities as recorded in the New Testament. Some of the activities believed to have taken place at The Cenacle include: washing of the disciples’ feet, resurrection appearances of Jesus, gathering of the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection, election of Saint Matthias as an apostle, descending of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples on the Pentecost Day, and more.

The Cenacle is located on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, Israel. Ever since the original structure of The Cenacle was built, the structure has undergone ongoing devastation and reconstruction. There has been contradicting information regarding the real builders of The Cenacle, with some saying that The Cenacle was constructed by Crusaders, while others say that it was the Holy Roman Emperor Fredrick II who built it. The Cenacle is built in the Gothic style, and it is divided into six rib-vaulted bays. These bays are supported by three columns that jointly divide the space.

The site of The Cenacle is also considered to be the place where the tomb of King David lays. This site has become greatly significant to both Jews and Christians and until today, they still gather here to pray and honor Jesus and King David. The site is also among the most major tourist attractions of the city of Jerusalem. When visiting The Cenacle, the visitors also enjoy the beautiful scenery of other nearby attractions, such as the Ramban synagogue, the Old City of Jerusalem, the Armenian Quarter, Syriac Orthodox Church, and more. It is also important to note that the Syriac Orthodox Church is sometimes considered to be an alternative site for The Cenacle.

To facilitate the visits and stays of people at The Cenacle, various hotel rooms and other accommodation facilities have been established within the neighborhood of The Cenacle. Safe, comfortable, fast and affordable transportation means to the building are also available, and this has made the accessibility to the site easier.
The current structure of The Cenacle has been refurbished several times, and it upholds the modern technology and status though the remains of the original structure have been properly preserved for religious, historic and archaeological research and studies. Based on the religious meaning attached to The Cenacle by both Christians and Jews, this building continues to be among the most attractive sites in the city of Jerusalem. Some refer to The Cenacle as “the Church of the Apostles”. The greatest annual event of Easter Holiday is normally conducted by many Jerusalemites here at The Cenacle. The celebrations mark the arrest, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus.