AR Christmas Magic  

Christmas is a time of joy,excitement and magic so we at have decided that that’s exactlywhat our Christmas gift to you should include.

We are pleased to bring thatChristmas Magic to you with our new and FREE app - ‘Visilizer Augmented Reality’.

The Visilizer AR allows you touse your mobile device and a $1 bill to change reality and see 3D objects thatyou can interact with. Each side of the $1 note augments reality. On one side the3D Christmas memory game pops up and offers an exciting and fun way for thewhole family to learn about the Christmas symbols such as the Candy Cane! Onthe other side of the note you can learn about Jerusalem and it’s religionswith the Jerusalem 3D memory game.

What better way to learn about Christmas than with Santa standingright in front of you as if he is actually there? 

There are many possibilities with our Visilizer AR and the Christmasmagic is only beginning. Download our Christmas Visilizer app for FREE andenjoy some of the magic of Christmas in your fingertips.  


How does it work?

The Visilizer AR app uses your mobile device camera to identify amarker (in this case, a $1 note) and project 3D object which appears on yourmobile screen and looks as if it exists in reality. The object can be animatedand interactive, just as in the Visilizer AR memory games. What makes theVisilizer AR even more unique is that as you move your mobile device the 3Dobject adjusts accordingly and maintains realistic perspectives.  

This technology is known as ‘Augmented Reality’ and we have developed the Visilizer AR app to fuse this innovativetechnology with educational content. Both parents and children greatly enjoythe Visilizer app and it’s, quite simply, cool and informative.