Jerusalem is truly a progressive city that is beginning to make a name in the field of infrastructure, transportation and technology while preserving its historical nature. Hence, the city is not all about the holy sites and other religious attractions but remarkable infrastructures like the chords bridge.

The Bridge Of Strings
The Chords Bridge in Jerusalem is also known as the “Bridge of Strings”. Some locals call it the Jerusalem Light Rail Bridge since it is utilized by the city’s Red Line or the Jerusalem Light Rail Transit since 2011. It is designed by Santiago Calatrava who is a renowned Spanish engineer and architect.

The bridge is suspended using cantilever spar cable and serves as the entryway to Jerusalem City. The structure is equipped with a glass road bridge that lets pedestrians to pass to the city bus station from Kiryat Moshe which is one of the city neighborhoods. The bridge was launched in the year 2008 and reportedly costs around 246 million NIS or about $70M.
The bridge suspension measures about 119 meters high and is anchored by a series of cables. The 360 meter structure is definitely the one you should look for if you will take a tour to the Holy City.

What Makes It Interesting?
Not all people in Jerusalem love the fact that there is a gigantic bridge hanging in there the city. This is just natural that others view the chords bridge as an eyesore since everyone is free to express their opinions. This just means that the Chords Bridge is getting attention from the public. There is no way that this immense structure can leave the public unaware of its existence.

This immense edifice accommodates the city’s Light Rail along Jaffa Road which has stirred much controversy. A lot of people praised the the bridge and the extreme modernist design of the Spanish architect and engineer Calatrava. However, the detractors claim that the chords bridge is not suitable to the existing surrounding of the city and its smaller structures. But no matter what, the bridge is beyond doubt the tallest structure that can be found in Jerusalem and is also visible from other cities in Israel.

The Symbolism
The main purpose of the Chords Bridge is to add a more defined visual component to the city’s skyline. For the designer, the bridge is also the perfect way to give more unity and character to such a fine place. It is the 40th bridge that Calavatra designed but it is the first one that carries both pedestrian traffic and train.
The design of the chords bridge resembles a harp or a desert tent which is actually the symbolism of David’s harp. However, others see the looming pylon as the representation of human arm, long necked bird or an arrow in a bow. But no matter how people see it, the fact remains that it is the most immense structure in the city.