The Alexander Nevsky Church – Russian is one of the well known shrines within the Russian Orthodox complex in the city of Jerusalem. It is popular for housing the remains of the 4th century Holy Sepulchre Church. The area was purchased by Russia in the year 1859 while archaeological diggings were conducted in 1883 led by Antonin Kapoustin who is the Chief of Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in the Holy City. There were a lot of interesting findings making this church one of the best spot to visit in the city.

How it Got Its Name?
The Alexander Nevsky Church – Russian was established in the latter part of the 19th century by the Palestine Russians. After the year 1917, they were connected to the White Russians or the Russian exiled church who escaped from Bolshevian and approved the Tsarist stance despite the fact that they remain independent.

The name of the church was given by the Russian’s prince named Alexander Yaroulavitz who expelled Swedish and German invaders from the Russia which was referred to as the “Battle of the Ice” in 1242. Moreover, the name “Nevsky” was derived from a river called Narva which is the same spot the Swedish were defeated.
During the excavations that was conducted in the area in the year 1857, an arch that can be traced back to the Roman era was traced and it was determined as the “Justice Gate” in Jerusalem. It plays a very significant role in Christianity since this is where Jesus passed on during his crucifixion journey.

Other Findings
Apart from the remnants of the Justice Gate, there were a lot of findings that were revealed through the diggings of the Alexander Nevsky Church area. There were also remnants of the columns and arches dating back 2nd century. Plus, there were also the remains of the Holy Sepulchre Church in the 4th century. The “Eye of Needle” was also found during the excavations.

The funds for the archeological excavations were provided by the Grand Duke Alexandrovitch in 1881. The purpose of these diggings in the Russian Orthodox complex is to have a place to accommodate the pilgrims which is why the place was later on transformed into the Alexander Hospice. In these days, it serves as the focal area of the Russian Orthodox mission in the city of Jerusalem. The modern church called Alexander Nevsky can be found within the complex and devotees from all over the world can take a visit.
The doors of the church are usually locked and all you have to do is to ring the bell located at the entrance and you will be entertained. There is a small entrance fee but the experience is totally worth it so take some time to visit this church on your trip to the Holy City.